Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Status Report

I can now say, officially, that I have 18 of 24 pages of Pizza Wizard #2 completed to the point that I don't have to look at them again until I start scanning (not including bottom strips). Well, maybe 18 1/2. This is pretty embarrassing because I was planning on it being finished by Christmas, and now I doubt it'll even be done by my birthday...maybe by the very beginning of April? Who knows.
I'm already having the same trouble I had last time that, because I use microns (and I use them so lightly), a large portion of lines just totally drop out upon file formatting. To give you an idea, the trees in the strip above had shading covering them completely. I can't tell if it's truly detrimental, or if it isn't really a big deal. I'm guessing the latter.


Anonymous said...

hey mr gaskin I really like your stuff. its probably the way you scan you art that makes the line dissappear? do you scan at 600 or even 1200? or something, either way I hope you can find a solution without changing your micron style!

Sam Gas Can said...

I scan at 600 and then I try to balance the levels so I have a solid black and no grey pencil ghosts, then I bump it up to 1200dpi bitmap.
Well, as they say, if you can have 80% of what you planned, then you should consider that a success, so...yeah?
Thanks for the kind words too!

alexis said...

if it makes you feel better, i don't think my birthday present for you will be done by your birthday either. so we're both slackers.

mcbuck said...

Hey Sam! I have been having the same problem with tiny lines disappearing on me as well. I learned this trick from joe. Before i make any adjustments to the page i take the burn tool and i use on any areas with tiny lines that will drop out. i just threshold it then and my lines are still there! Sorry if you know this one already.