Thursday, February 14, 2008

My own tiny label feels real.

Sam Gas Can: "Hot Dog!" CD-R FAX001
Faux-Pas Recordings

A random assortment of blips and burps from the last few years including remixes, circuit-bent giggles, vocal experimentation, extremely short acoustic songs, recordings of outside sounds, and a wide variety of static. Comes in a hand-made (but machine-sewn) fabric pouch with a non-informational insert and cool holographic eagle sticker. Edition of 36.

Stonewall Jackson: "s/t" CD-R FAX 002
Faux-Pas Recordings

Featuring Rusty Spoons on synth and Sam Gas Can on drums, electronic dance noise in the tradition of Extreme Animals and Neon Hunk. DVD case with 2-color silkscreened covers, photocopied insert, and rainbow roll screened and hand-stamped discs (each one is different). Edition of 60.

And now, I am out of money. I hope to continue doing these small-run releases when I do (and when I have more material), operating on the same level as Unskilled Labor and Bonescraper. It's more of a thing to give to friends than anything else.

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