Thursday, February 28, 2008

progress report

I just finished page 20 of Pizza Wizard #2. I only have about two more regular pages and the bottom strips to finish (you see, I'm cheating a bit, one page will be all small strips, ads, and games, and the back page will be info, ads, small strips, fan art, etc.). I can't wait for this to be finished, then I can work on other (secret) projects before tackling the third and final issue. Either way, this one is going to pretty darn good all the same, I promise.
Also, you can look forward to a new 3" CD-R release by Synt.Tofs on Faux-Pas guaranteed, and eventually (hopefully) other recordings by Crank Sturgeon, John Thill, and a split from Jacob Berendes and Tumblecat Poof Poofy Poof. I just have to ask them first.


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and the boy wins a cigar!