Friday, March 21, 2008


(photo by Pak)

Dude, about this dude, well...I've actually never met this dude. He recognizes me though, he saw SWJ play in Amherst, and he looks like an upright fella, don't he? His name is Matt Mondanile, aka ducktails and I've signed him up to do a Faux-Pas release. I even have the artwork planned out already. This was a weird impulse, I just thought about him, his music, and how good it was for days and days, and that's how I've based these kinds of decisions lately. Anyways, the music is just as his myspace describes (which most never actually do), tropical and psychedelic. It's like listening to summertime, like going on vacation, relaxing in a hammock, dancing by yourself in your backyard, meditating at the beach...I could go on. Like I say about 99% of things that I write about on the internet, I'm psyched.

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