Sunday, March 30, 2008

Uke of Spaces Corners County

Dan Beckman is a genius. He is one of the greatest songwriters in America today, just flat-out brilliant. It's sometimes called "gutter folk", I guess, or that just might be a term he made up, I can't remember if I actually read that or dreamed it or whatever, but in today's world when an acoustic guitar is normally associated with screaming and the concept of "anarchy", Dan, with the help of Amy Moon O.S. and others, is an overwhelming breath of fresh air. This music makes you want to plant vegetables and walk around pushing a wheelbarrow.
The last time I saw Dan, he was wearing great, tall boots and cut-offs so short that the pockets hung out the legs. Driving in yer truck, dogs runnin' out in front of you, I'm always amazed what just asking can get you. What I mean is, I'm incredibly proud to put out something by Uke of Spaces Corners County. It's gonna be a great summer.


Dan de Vriend said...

That link is broke, although I'd love to hear it. I'm an old friend of Dan's, any idea how to get ahold pf him would be appreciated?



Sam Gas Can said...

Send the man a letter written on an unused diaper!

Anonymous said...

Just got into an argument w/ my father and told him "I just bought a bottle of whiskey and a gram of coke, because Im tired of feeling pain and want to feel numb as long as possible, Ive slept under more overpasses than youve driven over... I've stabbed bums and sewed em up in the same night.." then I put on Maggot Head, the first songs guitar riff sent my mind racnig for an image of you, and google image found you here.... I just needed an image to bring something positive into my mind beofre I put my hang threw a brick wall. Sorry Dan, but thats how Im feeling, I just did 5 lines of coke and this song uplifeted it all... peace