Monday, April 28, 2008


"Call All My Dawgs!" #1 (and only, probably)

16 pgs. of quickly drawn sketchbook comics about dogs and their everyday personal struggles. This will be available at MoCCA in June and on my book/music tour shortly thereafter.

Speaking of which, dates confirmed thus far:
June 23rd: Strange Maine - Portland, ME (with ID M Theft Able)
June 24th: Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore - Montreal (semi-confirmed)
June 25th: Main St. Museum - White River Junction, VT
June 29th: Cake Shop - Brooklyn, New York

I'm working on the rest, it's going slowly, but I'll keep you posted.


noel troll said...

awesome, i hope you know how to draw a nice n wet, lazy dog, i sure do, summer is almost here!!! ::)

alexis said...

weirdly enough, i might be able to make it to the june 23rd date. portland isn't too far from our trailer in wells, and it's summer. we'll see!

rich tommaso said...

Put them dawgs in your dirty little beard, ya filthy animal!!!!!!

Daniel Mooradian said...

let me come on tour with you
ill have a sling, itll be great