Friday, June 20, 2008

new CDs

Synt.Tofs: "TROLL.BONER" 3" CD-R FAX #003

Hyper-distorted low tones that make your heart skip and your bowels loosen, the new techno sound imported from Sweden. Spray-painted discs with color insert/B&W chip insert in fabric pockets of varying psychedeliciousness.

Crank Sturgeon: "Basement Ape"/"Dupe,Terse, Mashacoustic"
2x3" CD-R FAX #006

The prolific icthy has a new specimen, and this one's a whopper. Two EPs nearly lost to the depths of time packaged in a handmade booklet with color inserts, tightly wrapped in fishy fabric. Come'n get it, Huso.

I will have these with me on tour (starting tomorrow), and they'll be for sale on the web when I get back.

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