Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mountain Oyster - "Balls Deep"

FAX 009: Mountain Oyster - "Balls Deep" digital cassingle

Mountain Oyster was a sludgy metal band composed of John Guida on guitar, Sam Gas Can on bass, and D. Moor on drums. We only played one show in Worcester, MA with Grass Widow, the Dungeoneers, and Bloody Swimsuit. This is the only song made, recorded in a glass room with a Sears brand tape recorder just outside the room, mid-summer 2009. Best heard with volume up very high.

Available for free download here.


blaise larmee said...


Sam Gas Can said...

Also, my Dad drew that cover!

Dane said...

That cover is great. I've wanted to make a minicomic of my dad's obsessive childhood plans and diagrams for dreamlike baseball stadiums but fear has prevented me.

Mr. Freibert said...

i'm glad you shared this. I like it.