Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Music Releases

FAX 024: (D)(B)(H) / Tiny Music split C60

A couple live jammers from the Bloomington, IN supergroup on one side (feat. a guest appearance by Ryan Jewell and a remix by Dereck Higgins), and a woozy sashay by everyone's favorite non-electric, desert dwellers on the other.

(D)(B)(H) myspace

Tiny Music myspace

FAX 025: Sam Gas Can/Justin Rhody split 7" record

Co-released with Breaking World Records, DIY Bandits, Feeding Tube Records, Friends and Relatives Records, and Lost Sound Tapes, six labels in all. A charming mix of twee instrumental punk, weird spoken word, and lo-fi acoustic ditties, edition of 300.

Both are available from the NEW webstore!

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