Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"2012" notebook

I don't generally post process pages on this blog, but the density and manic quality of this spread seemed kind of interesting to me, so I thought I'd throw it up for the hell of it, all notes and thumbnails from my newest comic book, "2012".

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Post-Materialists cassette

Check out the cover design I did for this new cassette by the Post-Materialists, out now on Eggy Records! So sayeth Eggy:

"The world is a big place and Russia is long way away. Post-Materialists hail from Moscow and their style of fringe music is as far removed from what I'm used to as their location is removed from me geographically. I dig how "classically weird" they sound -- no reverb, very little delay, relatively clean recordings, lots of backwards sounds and an emphasis on odd textures, plain and simple. So if you're concerned about whether the music you listen to sounds "cool" or not, you can skip this one. For real. But if you're ok with things being playful and a little odd, you will get some enjoyment out of this tape. It's definitely out of the ordinary. The singing is in Russian!"

You can grab a copy from their official mail order zone.